Design system

Vinnуtsіa is a city of ideas, a city where something new is constantly born. Modern and comfortable, which stimulates creativity. A city with a great history and a vibrant present.



4 elements in the basis.


Historical emblem is been easily transforming into a modern city’s logotype. Two crossed sabers, represented on the medium emblem, symbolizing the border location of the city, are simplified to laconic forms.


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Logo in everyday life

Is likely to use with analogue or digital medias.


The system of types Vinnytsia City was created for the unity of the rich city’s history and a constant aspiration to innovations. The system includes Serif, Sans Serif and a decorative type.

One of distinctive features of Vinnytsia’s types is an interpenetratoion of Cyrillic and Latin forms. Due to such unity a new type’s family has appeared, that is not like any other existing types. This makes the typography recognizable, characteristic and with a character.

Vinnytsia Serif

Symbolizes a historical past of the city. Inscriptions that has such headset, look solemnly with a historical tint. It is used for small texts, inscriptions and titles.

Vinnytsia Sans

This type is about modernity, development and movement to the future. It is used for navigational inscriptions and average volume texts.

Characteristic features

For a more uniform text set, the ligatures and alternates are provided. The numbers has four types, that differs in height and width, and the emblem is integrated into the type.

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Decorative type

Vinnytsia — is a city of ideas. A city of creation and innovation. There are many ways to create and develop something. The same way all the letters of the Vinnytsia decorative type has several sketching.

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The colors were not chosen by chance, the basis of the palette – shades from the historic coat of arms of the city. The line was only complemented by harmonious color pairs.


Corporate fonts, bright colors make for a flexible and easy-to-use system. The original layout conveys the creativity and free spirits that have always been inherent in the city.