Outumn events

The day of Vinnytsia city

Date: September 14

Locations: Independence Square/Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Soborna Street, Central City Park of Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia celebrates its birthday in the autumn, on the second or first Saturday in September. This year, the capital of Podillya will celebrate the 656th anniversary. The event will begin on Independence Square and then the event will spread throughout the center. Exhibitions, contests, performances of creative groups, various master classes, children’s entertainments and many more interesting events will be held there. Among the main locations are European Square, Nebesnoi Sotni Square, Soborna Street, Vasylia Stusa Square. The Autumn Vinnytsia FoodFest will take place in the Central City Park, where you can enjoy various drinks and food, including those made in Vinnytsia and the region.


Organ Festival “Music in the Monastery’s Mures”

Date: Every Sunday during September-October

Location: Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Angels

With the restoration of the Vinnytsia organ of Sauer and its installation at the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Angels on May 17, 1999, a new history of its life began. Along with the daily liturgical work, the organ continues its concert activity.

In October 1999, the International Organ Music Festival “Music in Monastery Mures” was founded, the founders of which were the pastor of the parish Justyn Rusin and the main conductor of the Arcata Chamber Orchestra Heorhiy Kurkov. During its existence, the festival hosted performers from 16 countries, namely, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, Scotland, the USA, Kazakhstan. In recent years, the festival also seeks to draw attention to the need for saving the unique musical instrument.


International Festival “VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST”

Date: September 19-22

Location: Concert locations of Vinnytsia

Lovers of jazz music, excellent sound and unexpected live performances will get unforgettable and enchanting emotions! At this time in Vinnytsia, you can hear exotic jazz and new tendencies of contemporary European music. A variety of such genres as World jazz, contemporary swing, folk music synthesis, vibrant music and vocal jazz will impress everyone!


European Heritage Days and International Tourism Day

Date: September 27-29

Locations: streets and museums of Vinnytsia

The purpose of the initiative established by the Council of Europe in 1991 is to draw the attention of the local people and guests to the cultural heritage and its role in the development of modern society. The main idea of the event is the discovery and review of usually closed or not well known monuments. This year, Vinnytsia will join the European initiative for the first time.

On this day, new interesting excursions around Vinnytsia will also be presented. The guests will learn about the secrets that are hidden in the city and its museums, try delicious food and make sure once again that Vinnytsia is an interesting, modern and tasty European city.


Smile Fest

Date: October 4

Locations: Vasylia Stusa Square, Independence Square

Third year in a row on the International Smile Day Smile Fest is held in Vinnytsia. One of the symbols of the city – the Water Tower – changes the flag this day, carnival procession forgathers on Stusa Square, and then it passes through the Central City Park to Hrushevskoho Street and European Square toward the Smile City on the Independence Square, where concerts, dance programs, various quests and prize contests are held.

You can see here a cheerful chemical laboratory, take pictures with patrols and examine their equipment, color a cup with special paints, or drink a coffee at food courts. Kids and pupils can have fun or meet children writers, and the adult audience can laugh enough at the evening of ironic poetry.


All-Ukrainian Festival of Military and Historical Reenactment “Vinnytsia – Capital of the UPR”

Date: October 12-13

Location: Quay of Southern Buh river

The event has become a traditional one and gathers more than one hundred and fifty reenactors from all over Ukraine every year. The reenactment reproduces events of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 using authentic weapons and ammunition. Everyone can visit the festival, get to know more about Ukrainian history and make memorable photos with reenactors and historical weapons of the Ukrainian army.


International Festival and Fair APPLE BAR

Date: October 19-20

Location: The city of Bar

The so-called apple tree capital of Ukraine – the city of Bar in Podillya region – opens up all facets of the apple’s taste. The program of the festival contains a fair of apples, seedlings and seeds; presentation and tasting of authentic Podillya cuisine and antique dishes made from apples; variety of gastronomic products; a location of folk crafts; the restoration of the famous Bar’s ceramics tradition; enchanting concert program.


Air GogolFest

Date: October 18-20

Location: industrial points of Vinnytsia

Air GogolFest is a multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art. This year an entirely new musical program with participation of world stars such as Nino Katamadze will be presented to the visitors. The festival program includes international theatrical, performing and visual projects. The youngest guests will enjoy the children program. The festival will take place in the city over Buh for the second time – we invite all the admirers of fine and provocative contemporary art!


Contemporary Music Days in Vinnytsia

Date: October 18-19

Location: Leontovych Regional Philharmonic

A stunning combination of contemporary musical styles, dance, theater and video art, an unforgettable sound of unique and unusual musical instruments: from traditional classical harps, violins, cello and kettledrum – to patented light-colored threads that have become a revolutionary discovery for the entire musical world, meditative Tibetan singing bowls and ordinary tailor’s scissors, which also have their own unique singing.


International Festival of Saxophone Music Vinnytsia Adolphe Sax Festival

Date: November 16-17

Location: Concert venues of Vinnytsia

The only music festival in Ukraine, which is entirely devoted to the musical instrument that has a grandiose sound – the saxophone! Unique concerts every time has sold outs, because one can see real magicians with magic instruments coming to Vinnytsia from different parts of the country and even from abroad.


Wine Festival “Beauje Llie”

Date: November 14

Location: Socio-cultural volunteer center “Blokpost Pidkova”

Vinnytsia as a wine region is still little known, but it has a large number of craft producers of this noble drink. The festival was introduced in honor of the outstanding educator, artist and wine maker Jaroslav Němec, son of Czech’s literature classic Božena Němcová.

Last year, about two dozen winemakers and craft producers of cheese and meat products from Vinnytsia participated in the event. But this year, “Beauje Llie” rises to a higher level and invites masters of wine business from all over Ukraine. A wine glass will serve you as an entrance ticket to the festival and will permit you enjoy any drink freely. The program also includes coffee from San Sanych, fireworks from the Cossack gun, lots of jokes and music.