Tetiana Rybak

+380 63 132-22-73
[email protected]

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

Tetiana was nominated for Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020 (silver).
Tetiana Rybak is not just a guide, but real tourist brand Про #ВінницькіШтучки. Tetiana was born in this city, and she is infinitely in love with Vinnytsia. That is the reason why she makes excursions with love.
Tetiana is an emotional and creative woman who turns any tour of Vinnytsia into a fascinating journey through time and space.
Her charisma makes the tours entertaining, so her excursions need to book in advance.
The most popular of her tours are a costumed tour to the Psychoneurological Hospital ― House of Variats (any time of year) and a summer stroll along with the wonderful Buh ― Under Three Bridges (on a snow-white boat named Bentley).
She also developed the first excursion, particularly for mothers with prams.

Tetiana successfully finished Vinnytsia’s school of guide and was certificated. Now she is an expert in her case. Tetiana has already developed more than ten unique tourist tours of different formats and topics for adults, children, family, and inclusive excursions. Moreover, tours on water and theatrical and costumed. Besides, she always tries to improve her jaunts.

She used hard quarantine times as an opportunity to show her potential more and realize new author’s tours online.
Tetiana has many ambitions to practice tours in English and promote interesting places in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia’s region.

Offline tours:

  • House of Variats ― costumed tour to Vinnytsia’s psychoneurological hospital named after Oleksandr Yushchenko
  • Under three bridges ― tour on a boat on the river Pivdennyi Buh
  • Women, gossip and a pinch of love – the first tour about women in the history of Vinnytsia
  • Open Vinnytsia (sightseeing tour)
  • Mama Mia. Vinnytsia ― inclusive excursion for moms with a prams
  • Twelve fairy tales about Vinnytsia and the 13th secret ― the quest for family
  • The roots of memory and a bouquet of emotions ― a tour of the old Central city park named after Leontovych

Tours online:

  • A city of exquisite details
  • Bunnies in a tram ― for children
  • Comfortable Vinnytsia
  • Artynov. Vinnytsia. Wine