City of Ideas

City where comfort and coziness create a unique atmosphere for the generation of new ideas. The ideas can be small or big, creative and business, it can be life-long projects and plans for the weekend. 

It’s easy to get thoughts together here. You can hide from stress here and at the same time join a great historical and natural source of inspiration. Developed infrastructure, a convenient transport system, and a large number of parks, squares, and cozy courtyards make Vinnytsia a city where you want to stay.

Vinnytsia is full of youthfulness. The concentration of students charges the city with energy and creates a powerful intellectual environment where you want to think about tomorrow boldly. We believe that ideas and businesses need an environment that will help them become reality. So come up with startups, launch projects — it’s easy to start your own business in Vinnytsia, sure enough — this is a city where everything is possible.

Don`t wait for Monday to start a new life, just come to Vinnytsia. It is tempting to live and work with new strength here. To change, to try, to experiment, and take risks. To jump from the past to the future, and to fly up with your new ideas.