City of ideas

With its homey atmosphere, Vinnytsia is a unique place where ideas are born: big and small, creative and business-oriented, for life’s works and weekend projects alike.

Here, you can put your ideas in order, forget about stress, and draw inspiration from history and nature. Sprawling infrastructure, convenient public transit system, abundance of parks, public gardens, and cosy courtyards-Vinnytsia is a city that makes you want to stay.

Vinnytsia is buzzing with youth. With lots of students scurrying about, the city is an intellectual powerhouse brimming with energy that inspires the boldest visions of tomorrow. We believe that ideas and businesses can thrive only in places that foster their growth. Vinnytsia is a city of opportunity, where starting a business is easy. Launch your startup or other projects here!

Don’t wait till Monday to start a new life, just come to Vinnytsia, a city where everything is possible. Here, you will want to live and create with new vigor. Change, try new things, experiment, take risks-leap from the past into the future, soaring high with your new ideas!