City of ideas

City where comfort and cosiness create space for locus of innovations. Big or small ones, artsy or business plans, lifetime plans or thoughts for a weekend.

You can collect yourself here. And find a place where you can hide from stress and draw ideas from great historical and natural source of inspiration. Highly-developed infrastructure and convenient transport system make Vinnitsa a city where you want to stay.

Vinnitsya is full of youth. Young students fill the city with unique energy and create powerful intellectual environment where you can dream boldly about tomorrow.
We believe that the great minds of science and business appear where their ideas have a chance to live. So lead startups, launch projects – it’s easy to start your own business in Vinnitsa — the city of opportunities, literally.

New life begins not from Monday. New life begins from trip to Vinnitsya. The city where everything is possible.
Here you want to live and create with renewed vigour. Vigour to change, to try, to experiment and risk; to jump from the past into the future and to take off holding tightly to your new ideas.