Vinnytsia Bretzel Bakery

There is Vinnytsia Krendel bakery in the city, where traditional German bretzels are born. One of the favorite beer snacks here has received a new meaning.
In the Middle Ages, bakers used the image of the bretzel as an emblem. Its curved endings remind the monks’ hands fold in prayer. It was monks who once “invented” this plump pastry of a bizarre form.
There are sweet and salty bretzels, which makes it a great complement to tea or coffee or just an original and delicious snack. You can choose out of five taste varieties of bretzel (with sunflower or sesame seeds, herbs, poppy seeds or cinnamon) or take them all at once – it is never too much bretzels!
Both adults and children like soft inside, but with a crispy crust, fragrant Vinnytsia bretzels.
The stores, where you can buy bretzels, are open every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Addresses: 1 Pryvokzalna St, 64 Keletska St
Phone: +380 67 453-01-44