Craft Confectioneries

Mus-Mus, Goluba Sweets, BakerBee

Mus-Mus Confectionery

Mus-Mus craft confectionery is a non-trivial look at the modern world of delicious desserts. Miniature jars with salted caramel, bright sets of crispy and light macarons, assorted mousse desserts with neat bars, delicate cheesecake in the shape of a Camembert head, elegant tartlets with nuts and caramel — almost all tourists bring these delicacies home for themselves or a present. And the legendary “potato” cake in the form of potatoes, carrots, and beets are surprisingly realistic. This sweet “vegetable set” can impress the imagination of small and adult sweet tooth. Add to this a lot of exclusive cakes and you will understand that Mus-Mus is just a confectionery paradise on Vinnytsia land.
Convenient and attractive packaging will allow you to transport desserts easily and make pleasant surprises for family and friends.

Address: 26 Nekrasova St
Phone/Viber: +380 98 877-76-60


Goluba Sweets Delights

My pigeon — that’s how we usually call the dearest person, who we wish all the best. Goluba Sweets are made with love to confirm our warmest feelings.
Natural chocolate for glazing, only natural dyes, and flavors, agar in the recipe — the high quality and safety of products have won the trust of the consumers a long time ago.
Whipped and combined sweets, different types of marmalade, fruit, and berry sweets in chocolate — the manufacture is constantly working on product-line expansion. And extravagant gift wrapping will surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs.

Address: 96a Honty St
Phone: +380 63 824-66-45, +380 432 55-74-36


BakerBee Cookies

The delicate and crunchy BakerBee cookies are chosen by those who enjoy sweets and prefer natural products. It is free of preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers, palm oil, eggs, in some products even free of sugar.
With pumpkin seeds, grape juice, honey and cinnamon, onion and dill, vanilla, or cocoa — a wide choice for the most experienced gourmets!
The original packaging design and bright palette of flavors make BakerBee cookies a true gastro souvenir. In addition, each pack has a coloring book to enjoy cookies and have fun at the same time.

Phone/viber: +380 97 472-11-17, +380 97 472-11-17