Фонтан у Вінниці

Fountain on the Pivdennyi Buh

doesn`t work during the quarantine

The Roshen Light and Music Fountain on the Pivdennyi Buh is the largest in Europe. Based on expert estimates, it is also one of the ten most spectacular fountains in the world. Using a laser projector and a water-air screen allows to show video in 3D.

During the day, jets of water create an effect of harmony and tranquility, and in the evening a grand show begins: real multimedia masterpieces are shown in front of a large open-air auditorium on a giant water canvas. Thousands of people come here to enjoy exclusive programs with lighting effects and music.
The uniqueness of the fountain is that it uses the “living” water of the river, and during the cold season is immersed under the water for the wintering.

Open from late April to mid-October, if there are no restrictions on mass events.

Address: Roshen embankment, Karmeliuka St. (near the Kempa island).

Фонтан у Вінниці