Transport and tech museums

in differnt parts of the city

Museum of Vinnytsia Tram

The Museum of Vinnytsia Tram is introducing the history of the most popular public transport and cars that traveled through Vinnytsia at different times. Also, it is possible to order the exhibits for a trip around the city.

The museum is located on the territory of an active tram and trolleybus depot, so it is an area of ​​increased danger. Therefore, you can visit it only on special days and by prior arrangement.


Address: 29, Khmelnytske Hwy
Phone: +380 432 61-16-93 (reception of Municipal Enterprise Vinnytsia Trolley and Tram Administration), +380 98 004-30-57 (registration for the tour)
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AutoMotoVeloPhotoTeleRadio Retro-Museum

The museum is open based on a car dealership. The core of the exhibition is a private collection of retro cars and other rare equipment of Vinnytsia collector Oleksii Strembitskyi.

The museum presents more than 100 exhibits: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, gramophones, TVs, cameras, radios and more.


Address: 1, Soborna St.
Phone: +380 67 490-79-39



Museum of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is an open-air museum located on the territory of the headquarters of the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Therefore, it can be visited only by arranged in an advance appointment, but the impression is worth it! Here is a huge collection of aircraft and air defense equipment: more than 40 units of military equipment in the exhibition and about 3,000 items of key assets.


Address: 105, Striletska St.
Phone: +380 432 59-61-90



Science Museum

An interactive space that introduces the world of science and technology to visitors playfully and excitingly. More than 250 exhibits that you can not only look at but also explore and interact with. The museum also offers a variety of scientific shows, workshops, cafe-laboratory and ordering themed celebrations.


Address: 51, Mykola Ovodova St (Sky Park Shopping Mall).
Phone: +380 68 117-13-41, +380 73 209-57-27.