Unique collections

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Museum of Transport Models

The Museum of Transport Models is unique, as it has no analog in Ukraine. Its collection, which has been assembled for about half a century, includes more than 5,000 mini-exhibits, including cars, planes, ships, tanks, motorcycles, trams, trolleybuses, buses, and trains. There are also real car engines and military vehicles made of plasticine. The museum has a library of specialized literature and a space for lectures.

Address: 64 Soborna St
Phone: +380 097 678-68-19


Yakiv Balaban Museum of Ukrainian Postage Stamps

The museum presents the world’s largest collection of Ukrainian stamps. It was collected by New York philatelist Oleksandr Balaban, whose father Yakiv was born in Vinnytsia. He was a sotnik of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and later emigrated to the United States.

Here you can see the stamps of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, the stamps of the Russian Empire, but extinguished by the Ukrainian trident, the 1919 stamp from Pokuttia – one of the eight that have survived in the world and other unique specimens.

Address: 26 Soborna St
Phone: +380 99 534-30-20


Pan Zawarkin and Son Cafe-Museum

A unique place that transports visitors to the cozy atmosphere of the living room of the early twentieth century. There are rare clocks and other interior items: gramophone, piano, samovars, bullets, kerosene lamps, porcelain miniatures, and a bunch of interesting little things of that time among its exhibits. There you can see one of the most amazing clocks in the world, patented in 1808 — Rolling Ball. While listening to the singing of ancient timers, you can eat delicious desserts, drink the author’s coffee or tea, choosing from several dozen presented varieties.

Address: 3 Soloviova St
Phone: +380 432 52-60-32
Website: zavarkin.vin.ua
Social Media Page: https://www.facebook.com/PanZavarkinTaSin/